• We have already started training activities for Ophthalmic assistant, Ophthalmic nurses, Optical fitting person, OT boy, Ophthalmologist in SICS and we want to start training of camp organizers also. We have already trained all these cadres for in house requirement.

  • One Ophthalmic assistant from Orissa came for four months training as outreach paramedic. One Ophthalmologist from Congo came for three months training in SICS. Two batches of nurses came for one week observer ship in OT techniques from Chhattisgarh and West Bengal respectively.

  • To put these training programmes on a stronger footing, we are sending a team of trainers to Aravind Eye Institute in July under “eye excel” programme to learn about how to set up the training programmes. We will try to get university affiliation afterwards. We want to start training of Ophthalmologists also under DNB programme or under CPS programme.

  • Dr. Parimal and Mrs. Madhavi have undergone training as Ophthalmic assistant to become trainers now.

  • Training of one batch of nursing assistants has also been started from June 2014 onwards

  • We have started training programme for Ophthalmologists in Phacoemuslification, SICS and Medical retina. The response to this is very good. Training slots for phaco training are booked for six months in advance.

  • We will soon look at the university recognized training programmes for Ophthalmic assistants and Ophthalmologists.

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