Divyajyoti Trust is a registered charitable trust under Public Charitable Trust Act established recently by philanthropic minded individuals involved in the services of poor people for last two decades.Having imbibed the ideas and ideals suggested by Gandhiji to serve the nation,they have decided to devote their life to the service of humanity in interior rural tribal areas.Joined by several like minded people, trust will get involved in all the activities to help the poor community with the help of available manpower & resources.

Since the main expertise available at this moment is in the field of Ophthalmology, the trust will start working in eye care by setting up an eye hospital.

Divyajyoti Trust

Suthar Falia, At & Po Mandvi Dist. Surat - 394 160, Gujarat, India
Ph. No.02623 - 221180
Eye Bank Mo.No. 7046991251
Regd. No E 6921 - Surat. 19.1.2010

Hospital Schedule Time:-
Monday to Sunday:-8:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m
2:30 p.m to 5:30 p.m
Sunday:-General OPD -Open
Specality OPD- Closed

Web-mail :- divyajyoti@divyajyotitrust.org
E-mail :- divyajyoti.icare@gmail.com

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  • April month’s performance has been little more than what it was in April last year - 957. However, due to extreme heat, the overall output was somewhat less.
  • Dr. Pinkal Shiroya – cornea specialist from Surat has joined us as a full time cornea specialist from 3rd April.We sincerely thank Dr. Darshan Kalaigar who has helped us in taking care of surgical cornea patients during the absence of full time cornea specialist.
  • Dr. Kunal Bhatt from Vadodara completed his one month Phaco fellowship during this month. Dr. Nikhil Thadani from Ankleshwar has completed his two months SICS fellowship during the month, however, he has rejoined the same programme for another two months.
  • We conducted one webinar for resident doctors under E-gurukul on Manual SICS on 8th April. Dr. Nilesh Naik, Dr. Uma Shroff and Dr.Uday Gajiwala made presentations and it was very much appreciated. On 22nd April, we presented a surginar (Live surgery demonstration) on Manual SICS under the same banner of E-gurukul. Dr. Nilesh Naik, Dr. Rajesh Patel and Dr. Uma Shroff demonstrated topical SICS, sub 5 mm SICS and Complicated SICS respectively.
  • Dr. Mansi Karia was moderator at the Glaucoma workshop – Preservethe vision – Glaucoma scientific fest organised by South Gujarat Academy of Ophthalmology at Surat on 9th April.
  • The place for Sagbara vision centre is changed to Selamba early this month.
  • We have screened 102 babies and treated 6 babies during the month. One session of parents’ education was conducted during the month at Kharel. Almost 15 - 20 parentsand staff were present at the education session.
  • Four camps were conducted during the month. By now, we have screened close to 450 truck drivers and cleaners in six camps. We are getting good support from GIPCL, Nani Naroli. We will conduct total six camps at their two sites.
  • GCP training of our ethics committee members and staff members took place during the month. Dr. Ashish Rastogi from CT Quest explained the details very well during the online training.
  • Shivani Suchal – our lead faculty in Optometry College saved life of a young man in running bus while returning home from work in the evening. A 32 years old young man suddenly developed chest pain and was in great pain – Shivani used her training of CPR and saved his life.
  • PMMA IOL study of Sharpedge Industries, Ahmedabad is completed during the month.
  • A get to gather of all the vision technician / assistant students was organised on 30th April. Total 178 students were invited. 84 students attended the get to gather. Ms. Sejalben Vaghela, lecturer from Centre for humanities, UTU, Maliba campus remained present as chief guest.