• The incidental cost to the patients, even when everything is done free in the hospital is difficult to bear for many of our poor patients – this could be in the tune of Rs. 400/- to Rs. 500/-. The concept of setting up vision centres across the country was floated sometime back to provide primary care to the community with the help of trained manpower deployed at these centres particularly where no other services are available.
  • In line with this idea, we have already started vision centres in Dediapada, Umarpada, Sagbara, Bardoli, Uchchal, Khapar, Kim and Kosamba.
  • We have set up telemedicine activity at these centres also. We have selected and trained local youth for the purpose. We provide close to 1000 tele consultations every month which is probably the highest number in Gujarat.
  • The equipments have been donated by M/S Aravind Mafatlal Foundation, Mumbai for Dediapada and Umarpada centres. Whereas, for the Sagbara vision centre, it has come from SEVA Canada. Bardoli vision centre is set up with the help of Diwali Ba charitable trust. Uchchal & Kim vision centres are set up with the financial support of SEVA foundation, USA. Khapar vision centre is set up with the financial assistance from Mission for Vision through Fullerton. Kosamba vision centre is set up with financial assistance from the families of Gulabba and Deviba of village Asta.
  • We examine approx. 15-20 patients daily at these centres and there by save their incidental cost. We examine patients at a token charge of Rs. 50/- and provide medicines and spectacles also at subsidized rate. Through vision centres, we save almost Rs. 75 lacs per annum for our patients.