• From April 2012 onwards, Govt. of Gujarat has entrusted the operative work at Netrang PHC and Jhankhvav CHC to Divyajyoti Trust. Till now, it was being done by SEWA Rural, Jhagadia. This is done under the Public Private Partnership mode. We have posted one Ophthalmic Assistant each at both the places full time who are seeing daily OPD and Ophthalmologist from HQ goes there twice in a week to perform surgeries there.
  • We hope to perform 500 cataract operations in total at these two places put to gather. We are getting per surgery reimbursement from DBCS for the work done at these centres.
  • We have set up telemedicine facility at Netrang and all patients coming to Netrang are examined by Ophthalmologist at Mandvi HQ by video conferencing. All our equipments are connected to the internet with the help of CC TV cameras. All diabetic patients will undergo an opportunistic screening for DR through fundus camera pictures being viewed by the Ophthalmologist in Mandvi.


  • We have started surgical satellite centre at Vyara in the eye set up of Janak Smarak Hospital, Vyara from Oct. 2016. Telemedicine facility is set up here also. The OPD load is already good over there. Surgical work has picked up in a year’s time.
  • From Sept. 2017 onwards, we have posted one full time Ophthalmologist over there and so, now, the surgical work is being done on a daily basis. We are looking at more than 800 surgeries there. The activities here are supported by Mission for Vision, Mumbai under a grant from Fullerton’s CSR project.
  • Regular diagnostic eye camps are also being conducted in the surrounding area. There are two field workers posted in the block..
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