• Dr. SheetalChaudhary has completed her training in glaucoma and she is looking after the clinic on day to day basis since one year. One more full time glaucoma specialist has joined us recently. We already have a load of 10-15 patients daily in the clinic and soon the numbers will increase. The surgical work is also increasing. We already have Auto-perimeter, HRT, UBM, tonopen, Pachymeter, OCT machine and Gonioscopes for Glaucoma evaluation.

  • Similar to retina and cornea, glaucoma is also a disease which requires long term follow up and regular treatment. The awareness is lacking badly among our patients. They don’t use the prescribed medications as suggested nor come for follow up as required.

  • We have now provided for a full time counselor in the clinic area to talk to the patients about the long term need of medications and importance of regular follow up.

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